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Are you Feeling the Overwhelm...?

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

My husband calls me an Uncertainty & Chaos Expert. I kind of like that and while it’s not a ‘traditional’ job title, it is pretty accurate. The past few years I’ve been navigating uncertainty, chaos and overwhelm in my personal life to the max. The kind you get when your foundations you’ve relied on all your life crumble. Whilst technically I’m a “qualified meditation teacher", the real value in what I teach comes from very real personal experience in navigating uncertainty, chaos and overwhelm. I’ve been through the darkness and come out the other side with meditation as my anchor. A few years ago I came to learn that my family growing up was not what it appeared to be. Familial certainty of truth, trust and love that I’d taken for granted was not there. It never was. My reality suddenly changed and the ground beneath me collapsed. I went into free-fall. My trust in everything shattered and the massive feelings of uncertainty and chaos were overwhelming. I was left with questions I will never get answers to. Ever. The chaos and confusion left behind is unbelievable. I loved my family but it is broken and dead now and doesn’t exist anymore. It hurts and has turned my heart black. I’ve come to understand the real meaning of heartache, when your heart literally aches with sadness, grief and loss. Loss of certainty, order and safety. The loss of who I thought I was. Fast forward to now and the loss of who I thought I was has allowed me to transform into who I am now… an Uncertainty & Chaos Expert and kickass real life meditation teacher. Meditation helps me to navigate confusion and chaos when I feel like I don’t know which way to turn or who to rely on. It helps slow my thoughts and gives me space and that’s when real relief arrives. Out of this I’ve learnt that the way to turn in times of chaos and uncertainty is always always always inwards. That the person you can wholeheartedly rely on and trust is Yourself. I know from experience that meditation works to support feelings of uncertainty, chaos and overwhelm. It offers practical and easy techniques that anchor you when you feel lost, techniques that got me through the last few years of darkness. Yep I’m a qualified meditation teacher - I know my stuff from a textbook and professional point of view. I know how to guide in the moment and when to change direction at a breath’s notice. I facilitate elements of Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness. But perhaps even more relevant to this moment is that I know from experience how to navigate the waves of uncertainty, chaos and overwhelm that are arriving. You could say I know my stuff inside out. Meditation holds real power and gets real results. It’s needed more than ever right now. No-one knows the full impact of the current situation. I’m not a financial expert or doctor, I don’t offer advice to that affect but my husband calls me an Uncertainty & Chaos Expert and I kind of like it. It sums up where I’ve been the last few years, prepping so that I may better deliver mental health and wellbeing tools that will help others navigate these waters a little more easily. I offer ways to find a sense of calm and relief in the uncertainty, chaos and overwhelm. I offer… Me. If you or someone you know needs some support* navigating feelings of uncertainty, chaos and overwhelm please get in touch with me via phone, email or SMS. Or you can message me via social media. For immediate crisis support & suicide prevention (in Australia) please contact:

Life Line on 131 114 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636

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