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Feeling Safe in Meditation

During times of uncertainty, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is to foster feelings of safety. When the outside world is chaotic, unpredictable or confusing drawing your attention inwards is a good start but sometimes it can feel overwhelming. That's normal, particularly if you're new to meditation.

If you find yourself struggling with feelings of fear and overwhelm it's important to know that it's okay to modify your practice a little. Be gentle with yourself.


Feeling physically safe particularly during times of uncertainty is really important and allows your central nervous system to relax more easily. Create a safe space whilst meditating with closed eyes... this might mean sitting with your back against a wall, locking a door or slowly and mindfully shifting your body into a more comfortable position during your practice.

Open Eyes

There may be times in meditation where open eyes serve you better. Gently bringing your gaze to rest on an object in front of you and softening your focus can help settle feelings of fear and overwhelm that may arise when your eyes are closed.

Sense of Touch

Holding a small, comforting personal object and bringing your awareness to your sense of touch can help gently return you to the present moment and calm any feelings of chaos that might arise when your mind begins to wander.

Creating a practice that feels safe is key and that will differ each time. Knowing a few practical tools to help navigate feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty can allow you to feel a little more in control, even if it's simply tweaking your meditation practice by a degree when you need to. Experiment with what works for you and be kind with yourself right now... x

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