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"Your way was open for diversity and lifted me up. I felt spoiled with your time, positive energy and the space you created for our self-care"... A. Telfer, Teacher

"After experiencing your version of meditation, you are much needed in the world"... Charbel Zeaiter, Velvet Onion 

"For years I've been on antidepressants, I've tried several times to stop. With my doctors help I started to wean off them but found it difficult to cope. I started your meditation classes... I now no longer take that medication and I truly believe your breathing techniques and just taking 5 minutes out of each day to practice those techniques have been a huge factor in helping me. Thank you so so much"... Jo

"Miranda came to our salon for a team training session on meditation & mindfulness. She showed us some simple techniques on how to calm the mind and breath properly so we are better equipped to handle high-pressure times in a busy hair salon"...

Leigh Jackson, Salon Owner, Elle J Hair

"This is meditation for real people. Miranda's work touches into everyday living creating less stress & reaction. There is a positive influence that happens in our families, work & community just by the simple choice of living mindfully"... Gisele Gambi, Business Coach

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